New drum baffles

My first step in achieving a consistent, reproducible drum sound was to treat the acoustics of my recording space. The ceiling in my studio is low, at 8 feet. The room itself is spacious, so I get a nice open room sound. But the low ceiling means I still have to worry about reflections. The more I can tame the sound around my drum kit, the more control I’ll have

To that end, I enlisted Sarah’s help to make these baffles for around the drum kit. (Click each image to enlarge.)

Drum Absorbers  Drum Absorbers

We (i.e. Sarah :-)) sewed doubled-over sheets into pockets which I then filled with Roxul Safe’n'Sound. I hung the baffles from ceiling hooks drilled into the joists. Really cheap, and really effective. And since they’re hung from fixed hooks, I don’t have to worry about them moving and changing my room’s response.

Samples to follow.

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