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More drum experimenting

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

I played some more with the drum mic setup, and got a sound I’m happier with. Here’s better mix of Don’t Think I Don’t Miss You:

And here’s how the drums sound solo’d:

I miked the kit with a modified Recorderman setup, using 6 mics in total:
- 2 Apex205’s as overheads (marked in the picture below with green arrows.) This is the “recorderman” part of the setup. The other 4 mics just augment the OH signal.
- An SM58 on the snare drum rim (shown in the second picture below)
- An Apex 210 on the kick drum, about 2 feet in front.
- 2 Studio Projects C4’s as stereo room mics, about 15 feet in front of the kit, up high.

Drum Kit - Front View
Drum Kit - Snare

The overheads clearly aren’t “over head.” I have them on the same plane as the toms where they pick up a better balance of the toms and cymbals.

Note, too, that I have a red pillow between the high hat and the OH mic in front of the kit, to cut down the hi hat level in that mic. Listening to the drum track now, I realize the hats are almost too quiet. (If you’ve ever miked drums in a room with low ceilings, you’ll appreciate that’s a good problem to have!)

New drum baffles

Saturday, April 14th, 2007

My first step in achieving a consistent, reproducible drum sound was to treat the acoustics of my recording space. The ceiling in my studio is low, at 8 feet. The room itself is spacious, so I get a nice open room sound. But the low ceiling means I still have to worry about reflections. The more I can tame the sound around my drum kit, the more control I’ll have

To that end, I enlisted Sarah’s help to make these baffles for around the drum kit. (Click each image to enlarge.)

Drum Absorbers  Drum Absorbers

We (i.e. Sarah :-)) sewed doubled-over sheets into pockets which I then filled with Roxul Safe’n'Sound. I hung the baffles from ceiling hooks drilled into the joists. Really cheap, and really effective. And since they’re hung from fixed hooks, I don’t have to worry about them moving and changing my room’s response.

Samples to follow.