Rich says “All of my songs were written as acoustic guitar and vocal songs. Courage is just about one of those days where you realize how small your own life is, that it’s going to come and go, everyone’s is. And then everything feels like nothing really matters. You might have been in a hurry, but now you’re just walking and laughing to yourself inside, about the people and the things they do. Like the guy in the deli line at the grocery store that tries to butt in and then ends up getting served last. It’s also just a song about self confidence; or lack of. It’s about karma.”

Hear the Most Recent Version

Our visionThe original version has a great vibe, and we both agree that it fits the sound we’re aiming for. It’s mostly a matter of re-recording the drums, to get the song into the same space as the rest of the album. We’ll probably keep the acoustic and slide guitars exactly as is.

Still To DoWe haven’t started on this one yet, so everything needs to be re-recorded from scratch.

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