Don’t Think I Don’t Miss You

Rich says “I was in the mood for something fast and in a plain old 1-4-5. Going to the minor in a situation like that, I didn’t really know this was a song until I got through the chromatic drop between the verse and chorus and that took it into some territory which was a bit of a contrast to the straight up country feel. It went from Johnny Cash to the Strokes. The fun thing, for me, about this song, it’s that it’s actually chorus-less. There is no chorus except for singing the one title line in a couple places. My original thought was to really give this a feel like it was a Strokes recording, but by the time it got through the second prechorus and into the ending, I think it had become something totally different.”

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Our visionOther than the drums, this song won’t change much, if at all. The original version has an energy we’d like to keep.

Still To DoThe drums might be finished. The next step is to re-record all the instruments in time with the new drum track.

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