Method of Delivery

Rich says “A little sentimental song, where the sentimentality was actually a joke…it’s about quitting smoking cigarettes, nicotine. Method of Delivery was a nic patch, a piece of gum, skoal; either way, this one was about quitting cold turkey. But what usually happens, is as I start writing about one subject, in this case, breaking a nicotine addiction, cold turkey, as I write the lyrics down in my little notebook, I start drawing parallels to other things, other things in life we rely on, love, communication, finances, etc. The little book I write song lyrics and chords down in, and how much those lyrics seem to change during the deployment process; starting off as wordless melodic bits while strumming, ending up merging with some sort of poetry, often in a flurry of rage to put it down on paper before forgetting.”

Hear the Most Recent Version

Our visionAs much as we like the original version, we plan on re-working this song from the ground up. The synth should be less dominant, or perhaps replaced altogether with another slide guitar. And the song as-is doesn’t live in the same acoustic space as the rest of the album. We may add some big boomy kick drum hits under the hi hats, to bring the song into the same room as the drums.

Still To DoWe haven’t started on this one yet, so everything needs to be re-recorded from scratch.

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