We All Need Love

Rich says: This song started with a story; what I really wanted was for a woman to be singing this song to her cheating boyfriend, because that was the storyline it came from. At one point the guy is actually speaking back to her “you should know what good knowing ain’t”. The whole last verse is the guy singing back to her. The point which I knew I’d go through and record this song was at the “if I could’ve felt your heartbeat thumping”. That is truly the apex of the song, and the heart of it, for me. After that line, there was simply nowhere else to go, and it was complete.

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Our VisionThere are so many directions we can go with this song, from scaling it right back, to filling it out with drums and strings and background singers. Knowing us, we’ll record 5 versions of the song before agreeing that the original is already perfect. (Note: Rich has already recorded a different arrangement, with his friend Laura singing.)

Still To DoWe haven’t started on this one yet, so everything needs to be re-recorded from scratch.

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