Whether or Not

Rich says “A rainy day and a new music set up started Whether or Not. The eternal question. The song itself started with just a desire to strum something bluesy and minor, and working it into something major and a bit ethereal. It’s no coincidence that there are some strange melodic resolutions and changes throughout the song; the theme is “indecision” and compromise. Compromising the major for minor, feeling in limbo. Feeling stupid because I don’t understand meteorology or looking up at the night sky in disbelief that those are actually planets and burning stars, that the blackness may extend forever; and that we just don’t know.”

Hear the Most Recent Version(not yet recorded)

Our visionThe lyrics were just rough. This one may be in for an in-depth review and rework. Shorten the middle section, drop all of the ahhs and oohs replace them with some slide guitar solo, maybe throw another semi-verse and chorus at the end.

Still To DoWe haven’t started on this one yet, so everything needs to be re-recorded from scratch.

Follow the production of this song below. The most recent update is first.